About Dada Post

Dada Post is an artist-run organization, founded in January 2008, by Howard McCalebb, a sculptor and active figure on the international art scene. We are an autonomous space for the production, display and discussion of current art. Foremost, we contemplate artistic expression from the standpoint of pure inspiration emanating from the source – the artist. We are keenly interested in the effects of Globalization on art practice, and the notion of a Berlin centric practice.

As a contemporary art space, we are not interested in “cultural production” per se; rather we are more focused as an outlet for creativity and expression. Dada Post is primarily concerned with artwork that is the most current, reflecting the actual meaning of the term: Contemporary Art. We offer a program of exhibitions and events. We feature films, poetry/literary readings, music and other live performances, during and between art exhibitions. We also offer internships, and one non-Berlin based artist residence – on a rental basis for up to three months duration maximum.

Dada Post is located in the former König Smoked Fish Factory. The gallery comprises two major gallery spaces, two video installation spaces, and an adjacent outdoor sculpture court.

For the 2019 season, the Dada Post program will became an “OPEN FOURM” – titled INKUBATOR.

For this purpose, Dada Post will augment the typical scheduling structure of gallery exhibitions. We will take an innovative position by pioneering an open unstructured schedule of programs (OPEN FOURM), which allows for a kind of flexibility and improvisation for experimentation in the staging exhibitions and events.

The original inspiration for Dada Post was the Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, Switzerland and Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City – which were open venues for impromptu gatherings, events, and artistic experimentation.

Howard McCalebb, Executive Director

(Kunstraum) Dada Post is located just 12 Minutes from the center of Berlin (Bahnhof Friedrichstraße) by (S-Bahn) S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station. Do not exit at the Wollankstraße station!

Dada Post
Nordbahnstraße 10
13409 Berlin, Germany