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Exhibitions 2021

(Kunstraum) Dada Post


Exhibitions 2020

Inkubator Residency: Vol. 2 Body Occupation

Concept and Organization: Esben Holk, Svenja Wolff, Francesco Petrucelli

(2020 – Season Long Residency Program)

Residency exhibition: October 3rd to October 18th

Artists: Abby Wright, Joannie Baumgartner, Katharina Bévand, Stephan Gross, Edurne Herrán, Branislav Jankic, Tra My Nguyen, Marina Paez, Maria Thrän & Anna Reutinger and Shannon Turner, Stefano Tauiti, Esben Holk, Svenja Wolff, & Francesco Petrucelli

Curator: Brunno Silva

The Inkubator Residency has the pleasure to announce with its twelve participant artists the exhibition that brings the second edition of this residency to a close. Starting from the theme of “Body Occupation” the residency – conceived by Inkubator Collective – selected this group of artists to engage, discuss and collaborate considering broad ideas of the Body and its reverberations across use, time and form. The residency also aimed to create a free space for deep engagement and as a “DIY” residency it was developed deeply with intensive collaboration among its participants.

During its two months duration, participant artists developed further their initial proposals or developed new projects, this freedom aimed to catalyse new thought instigated due to the imminent changes and ongoing instability of the world. To some extent, this lack of formal structure also reflects on the structure of the residency itself, that although relied on art world constructions to some extent, largely searched for unforeseen forms of collaboration, art making and research development.

The exhibition does not provide a framework or overall theme, it also presents among its pieces non-concluded artworks, research material and under development happenings. Such inconclusiveness at times is not to be mistaken with irrelevance, the residency prefers to embrace a fluidity and instigate artists to overlook the common motivations around artistic residencies present in, for example, the expectation of a final art piece and a clear full stop, or a conclusion to a research. Here artists were rather open to also share with the audience artworks in different stages of development. The residency recognizes its transient aspect to the artists and audiences alike.

The theme of the Body manifests itself freely considering its openness as a theme and way of thinking through occupying and inhabiting material and immaterial spaces and concepts. All the involved creatives hope that audiences can take an active role in observing, discussing and engaging with the artworks presented in the exhibition. Becoming perhaps also an agent in the building and developing of the concepts explored during this collective endeavour and becoming involved in its conceptual build from now to beyond, through this the occupational aspect is expanded also to visitors.




Exhibitions 2019


26th & 27th October, 2019

Artists: Tatjana Ann Teresa Burke, Beatrice Arum Dussmann, Ezra Hansen, Nina Sophie Jobi, Jakob Koch, August Koch, Ellis Rehm, Jonas Fritz Riedhammer, Juliana Weber, Sophie Weber, Liao Kai Wehrli, Evi Runa Weis, Yifu Yves Yang



Performance, Live Action Role Play, Exhibition

19-21 October, 2019

With work and performances from:

Johanne Bøckmann ,  Ingeborg Wie Henriksen, Francesco Petruccelli, Esben Holk & Svenja Wolff


Friends with Books – Art Book Book Fair

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart Berlin

September 20-22, 2019


Ingeborg’s Summer Exhibition and Performance

Artist: Ingeborg Wie Henriksen

17 August, 15:00 – 21:00



Hosted by the INKUBATOR residency

25 July, 2019, 14:00 – 24:00

Art Exhibition & Pool Party curated by Maansi Jain and Esben Holk


Artworks from several members of the INKUBATOR team and other collaborators

Including: Anastasia Muna and Geovanna Gonzalez, Anto Azzopardi, Bad Art Presents: Anna Chotova and Thomas Coates, Clusterduck, Francesco Petruccelli, Hedda Grevle Ottesen, House of Killing feat Esben Holk, Hugo Hutchins, Ida Dorthea Thorrud, Maansi Jain, and Lemia Monet

Tunes by NO SHADE’s Grinderteeth (Veslemøy Rustad Holseter), Perifaflex (Nat Assia), Folly Ghost (Tres Folly) with support by Samuel Gieben, Camilla Rae Lutz and Tarrou (Jean-Baptiste Gallpn)

Food by Biri Bibi and Katherine Harley


Inspired by the myth and utopi(a)oid crisis, found, for our intentions ‘n purposes, in Wham’s 1983 hit classic; Club Tropicana, and later George Michael’s career revitalizing Careless Whisper, we create a group show concerned with synthesizing happiness even at the end of summer…an inquiry in contemporary, mainstream, manic productions and depictions of the eternally -”soon-to-be-available” utopia capitalism promises it’s many believers. 

Beyond aiming at lofty goals of making you happy despite yourself, Club Tropicana is a pool party. Dada Post is a (last) resort: imagine a sunny but abandoned hotel in Reinickendorf, with a mail-ordered wellness pool brimming with magnesium sulfate to de~constipate your bowels, DJ’s spinning fresh tracks and food and drinks! A utopian place where there is (imagined) luxury enough for everyone, and all you need to do to get it is to consent to the unilateral, radical radiating ultra-must-do collectively marshaled positivity!


Wochenende der offenen Ateliers in Reinickendorf

26 May, 2019



Project for 2019 at Dada Post

For 2019, Dada Post Berlin will initiate a season long program

April 2019 to October 2019

Inaugural Event:

Thank You! And Nice to Meet You. 

20 April, 2019

Inkubator Team: Ingeborg Wie Henriksen, Svenja Wolff, Esben Holk, Francesco Petrucelli

(Open Group Collaboration)

Artists: Tzu Ting Wang, Francisca Marques, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Coco, Orlando Rohr-Schach, Ingeborg Wie Henriksen, Esben Holk, Svenja Wolff, Francesco Petrucelli

The INKUBATOR inaugural event featured artists from more than six nationalities: including China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal … and many more.

For 2019, as part of our Youth Cult program, Dada Post will be reprogramming its exhibition spaces as work spaces.

Dada Post Berlin will initiate a season long program with the intended goal of fostering “real-time” experimentation, to investigate and express art practices that reflect current and live circumstances. The project titled “INKUBATOR” will commence with a group of artists, who will engage within the project together as a team.

INKUBATOR will be a “think tank” style structure and experimental endeavor for germinating ideas, concepts, and prototype formalities. The inspirations for INKUBATOR are the Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, Switzerland and Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City. INKUBATOR (a process or action) will begin – to initiate discussions and actions of creativity, encounter, and exchange where ideas flourish with the ambition of opening up new artistic vistas.

Exhibitions 2018

Alex Storonkin

figure strips

Damian Loboda


Vernissage: Oktober 13th, 2018, 19:00
Dates: Oktober 13th to November 3rd, 2018


Artists: Caroline Armand, Anna Borgman, Ines Doleschal

Vernissage: September 1st, 19:00
Dates: September 1st to September 29th

Tea & Talk: Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 16:00

In the exhibition Ortsverbindungen, the district of Reinickendorf provides the point of departure from which the artists Caroline Armand, Anna Borgman and Ines Doleschal seek to create their own connections and constellations between the surrounding area and a wider world, isolating and exhibiting them in the gallery space. Reinickendorf, an area outside the Ring, inside the city and bearing traces of Berlin’s divided past, contains many contractions, simultaneously belonging, being outside and a border in between both. The works in the exhibition refer to the architecture of the area, glimpsed, dissected and re-presented in the Dada Post for the viewer, highlighting the innovative 20th century architecture that has lead to the area’s Weisse Stadt being confirmed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visitor is also reminded of Dada Post’s former function as a fish factory. Both themes of architecture and industry serve as a reminder of the individual’s constantly shifting relationship between the local and universal context- one could say ‘glocal’. In this suburban environment, the unyielding process of modernism can be seen. There is no place for nature. The human animal has adapted to the concrete and makes the habitat his own almost a 800 years after the area was first settled by the peasant Reinicke.

Sheena Malone, September 2018

The Act Of Homemaking – Claiming Space

Curated by Leonie Brandner

Dates: Opening 11 August 19:00
Sunday: 12 August 13-16:00

Artists: Elisa Jule Braun, Bo Choy, Nina Guo, Geraldine Honauer, Esther Merinero, Lily Meyers, Roberta Müller, Flurina Sokoll

The Act of Homemaking – claiming space investigating the ways in which we set foot on a location in order to inhabit it; the negotiations, routine engagements and feelings are necessary between humans and sites to establish homes. What are the roles of boundaries, walls and fences? Where do we allow protrusion and where do we close doors? And what is the role of repetition and time in this context? Can we claim space simply by returning time and time again? Or can we claim space through emotional attachment to a particular site? And how do these feelings shift over the course of time passing?

 The Act of Homemaking grew out Leonie Brandner’s interest for the domestic, the ways in which we engage with our immediate surrounding and objects and places become meaningful to people

By Leonie Brandner

Trophy Hunters

Curated by Sheena Malone:

Artists: Zara Alexandrova, Ro Caminal, Laura Carvalho, Declan Clarke, Zoran Georgiev, Eddie Kenrick, Stephan Maier, Michael Merkel, Alan Phelan, Kathy Tynan, Sadie Weis

ERÖFFNUNG: 7:00pm, June 16th, 2018. Exhibition continues until: July 6th, 2018

Trophy Hunters takes on the theme of sports in conjunction with the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A combined 3.572 billion viewers – more than half of the global population  watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Figure includes those who watched TV at home, out of home, on digital platforms, and at Dada Post. The event was broadcast live in every territory around the world from 14 June to 15 July, 2018.

Youth Cult
Insolence: The Prerogative of Youth

Curated by Howard McCalebb

Artists: Kiah Armstrong, Johannes Bansmann, Elisa Ewert, Ingeborg Wie Henriksen/Svenja Wolf, HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk, Taru Kallio, Natalia Korotyaeva, Maness Andrés Mora, Georg Óskar, Yafei Qi, Alessandro Rauschmann, Eli Stevick, Hadas Tapouchi

ERÖFFNUNG: 7:00pm, May 5th, 2018
Exhibition continues until: May 26th, 2018

Deep Maps

Curated by Sheena Malone

Artists: Leonie Brandner, Lisa Denyer, Anne Erhard, Zoran Georgiev, Sheena Malone, Lillian Morrissey

Opening: 7:00 pm, April 14th, 2018

Exhibition continues until: April 28th, 2018

Deep Maps is an exhibition that features various artistic preoccupations with cartography. Cartography is the science or practice of drawing maps.

When meridians and parallels appeared in cartography (the globe) it established a kind visual fascination that many artists enjoy observing and studying. With Latitude and Longitude (Meridians and Parallels) the Equator is an imaginary circle equidistant from the North and South poles of the Earth. Circles parallel to the Equator (lines running east and west) are parallels of latitude. They are used to measure degrees of latitude north or south of the Equator. Longitude refers to the imaginary lines that bisect the globe through the North and South Poles (the ones that run vertically, as opposed to the lines of latitude that run horizontally.

In the Deep Maps exhibition, a default Flat Earth aesthetic arises out of formalist constraints, which as ideas translate into the aerial identification of our neighborhoods, roadways, or a particular topography. The topography of an area could refer to the surface shapes and features themselves, or a description (especially their depiction in maps).

Text By Howard McCalebb

Exhibitions 2017


GIFT SET project 001

Participants: Lilly Atkinson, Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty, Benjamin Dittrich, Graeme Durant, Judith Hagan, Stefanie Heinze, Jemma Hind, Eddie Kenrick, Áine McBride, Paul McKee, Jamie McNeill, Frances O’Dwyer, Mike Pratt, Richard Proffitt, David Roeder, Fee Roeder, Jan Roeder, Lorenz Roeder, Andrew Sandercock, Sam Venables

Opening: 7:00pm, October 28th, 2017
Exhibition continues until: Saturday November 11th, 2017

Our identities are formed, not only by our experiences growing up – a specific time, or place – but also through the friendships, relationships and knowledge gathered throughout adult life. As we make new connections, alternative associations with people and their ideologies accumulate, generating the rich codes and values that constitute the communities we choose to be part of.
Effort brings together a group of distinct artistic participants from recently established and deep-rooted friendships and communities across several countries. Each comes with an individual perspective on how to meaningfully contribute to lived experience in a world full of irresponsible over-production. Many of the artists re-use and re-purpose mass-produced materials to reveal new ideas, or gather remnants from neglected objects or imagery that instill a revitalised purpose or energy. The work brings forth mystical, practical, humorous, cynical, or empathic urges; each assiduously articulated by the artist who sees potential where there is none. The lo-fi aesthetic and seemingly spontaneous production results from a need to express something directly, whilst making do with the resources at hand.

Whether intentionally or not, making art is an inherently defiant action that shakes the uncompromising reality of the 21st century cultural disposition. Situations are constantly revisited and weighed up to see how much longer a studio can be held on to, a full-time job can be avoided, or whether there are enough opportunities in a town/city/country to maintain a practice. There are always tough decisions to make. At the heart of this exhibition, the first project by GIFT SET, is a group of individuals forging a network of shared enthusiasms and attitudes towards communication, making work and collaboration that will continue to develop into the future.

Effort is doing something to retain the things that are important, work with and against constraints, and change the things we can’t live with any more.

GIFT SET is an independent artist-led collective dedicated to collaboration between artists, musicians, designers, and writers through exhibition-making, publishing, and other special projects. We work from England, Scotland and Ireland. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

Transitions Ep.4: Beyond the pale

Curated by Sheena Malone

Artists: Mark Garry, Sophie Gough, Michael Kutschbach, Akemi Nagao & Bettina Neuhaus, Sadie Weis

Opening: Saturday August 26th, 2017, 7:00PM
Exhibition continues until: Saturday October 7th, 2017

Transitions Ep.3: Thresholds

Curated by Sheena Malone

Artists: Maria Bajt, Katya Fialkova, Charles Fréger, Carmen Gheorghe, Richard Proffitt, Andrew Thomas

Opening: Saturday July 8, 2017, 7:00PM
Exhibition continues until: Saturday August 19, 2017

Transitions Ep.2: Excavations

Curated by Sheena Malone

Artists: Gabriel Centurion, Ana Barata Martins, Eliza Goldox, Daniel Hoflund, Jane Hughes, Stefan Klein, Elsa Salonen

Opening: Saturday May 20, 2017
Exhibition continues until: Saturday July 1, 2017

Transitions Ep.1: Splintered Planes

Curated by Sheena Malone

Artists: Pascal Brateau, Pierre Oscar Brunet, Chris Dennis, Nicholas Hanisch, Michel Lamoller, Enda O’Donoghue, Eeva-Liisa Puhukka, Ethna Rose

Opening: Saturday April 1, 2017
Exhibition continues until: Saturday May 13, 2017

Transitions is an exhibition series evolving during the 2017 season at Dada Post, a project space located in a former fish smokery in Berlin Reinickendorf.

Rather than acting as separate entities, the four episodes in this series are to be viewed as one exhibition which changes over time; each iteration flowing into and drawing from the other. The exhibition begins firmly rooted in the physical world with artists employing motifs that refer to both built architecture and invisible social constructs. As the exhibition unfolds, the unexpected fragility of these frameworks is questioned. This splintering and fragmentation leads to the excavation of other paths which may reveal less tangible worlds where materials take on new meanings and unexpected juxtapositions may be encountered.

Transitions Ep.2: Excavations

Transitions Ep. 3: Thresholds

Transitions Ep. 4: Beyond the pale

On the occasion of Transitions Episode 4: Beyond the pale we would like to thank Culture Ireland for their kind support. 

Exhibitions 2016

Last Thoughts On… Singularity

Daniel Permanetter

Who am I Who are you

Edouard Steinhauer

October 8th to October 29th, 2016

Opening: 7:00pm, October 8th

Content is Form

Geeske Bijker and Markus Gutmann

September 3rd to September 24th, 2016

Opening: Saturday September 3rd, 7:00pm


Curated by Howard McCalebb

The Artists: Anonymous, Dien Aye, André Boitard, Redas Dirzys, Yoonjee Geem & Jongin Moon, Markus Gutmann, Uwe Jonas, Peter Kennard, Thomas Kilpper, Georgia Lale, Julia Lazarus, Howard McCalebb, Penka Mincheva, Michael Moore, Andrius Savickas, Bruce Spear, Edouard Steinhauer, Liao Wenfeng, Martin Zet

An exhibition of artists who engage in sociopolitical commentary through their artwork.

Opening: 7:00PM, Saturday, March 19th, 2016
March 19th to April 10th, 2016

It has been said that artists fight with their minds rather than with knives, bullets, or bombs.

If there is one thing that artists who engage the sociopolitical quagmires of civic life are good at, it is stirring up argument and rousing people with passion, emotion, and enthusiasm. The artist is often recognized as a rabble-rouser: somebody who stirs up anger, or other strong feelings especially for sociopolitical causes.

For the first exhibition of our 2016 season (Kunstraum) Dada Post is planning a socio-politically themed exhibition titled Pow! #StandForSomething. The exhibition will examine the role of visual art practice in contemporary sociopolitical struggle. We are interested artwork that is aimed at critically investigating the field in which visual culture meets a cry for political representation, social emancipation and the expression of discontent. It looks at the visual language of dissent and the flow of esthetics between artwork and civic responsibility.

Pow! #StandForSomething, will be an exhibition bringing into the focus of public debate a diversity of sociopolitical passions emanating from within the “Liberal” opposition ideologies. The exhibition looks at the dynamics of public discourse, and the evolving content and rhetoric of sociopolitical protest.

Exhibitions 2014

Silent Pictures II

Yang YounHee

September 6th to September 28th 2014

Opening September 6th 2014 19:00 Uhr


Organized by Stefanie Mayer

Artists: Stefanie von Schroeter, Eva Seufert, Matthias Mayer, Alexander Wolff, Marko Lulic, Stefanie Mayer

July 5th to July 27th 2014

Opening: Saturday, July 5th 7:00pm

“What Use?!”

Matthias Mayer

May 10th to June 1st, 2014

OPENING: MAY 10 2014 7.00 pm

Opening: Music Performance by Sporty Jesus

Panel Discussion: Concerning the Position of Artists
(May 17, 7:00 pm)

Finissage Party: with DJ set by Sporty Jack and friends – May 31st, 2014, 7:00 pm

Markus Wirthmann Orangerie in der Fischräucherei

Bilder von der Baustelle finden sie auf dieser öffentlichen facebook-Seite:

Dankenswerterweise kann ich auf dem Gelände von Dada Post in Berlin Reinickendorf eine Orangerie für meine grünen…

Slået op af Markus WirthmannMandag den 17. september 2012


Dada Post wird auf der iPhone App des Sleek Magazins in der Auswahl der
interessantesten Kunst-Spots der Stadt vorgestellt.

Exhibitions 2013

Photo Opportunity: The Ubiquity of Photography

Curated by Howard McCalebb

Artists: Zoë Baldinger, Hugo Bastidas, Dawoud Bey, Till R. D. Cremer, Elizabeth Demaray, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Brigitte Denck, Christine Denck, Jane Katharina di Renzo, Christoffer Calmer, Sibylle Hofter, Patrick Jolley, Justin Kimball, Oli Knoth, Andreas Koch, Martin Lau, Wenfeng Liao, Matthias Mayer, Julia Muenstermann, Paul Perschke, Felix Schneeweiss, c.e.shore, Maria Silvano, Andre Smits, Bruce Spear, Edouard Steinhauer, Markus Wirthmann, Alexander Weiss, YounHee Yang, Christina Zück

September 14th to October 6th 2013


Soundpoetry Performance by Martin Lau


Curated by Geeske Bijker

Artists: Linda Arts (Tilburg – DE), Geeske Bijker (Berlin – Amsterdam), Ronald de Bloeme (Berlin – Rotterdam), Rene van den Bos (Haarlem – Berlin), Aquil Copier (Amsterdam – Berlin), Sebastian Dacey (Berlin – Amsterdam), DAG (Berlin – NL), Koen Delaere (Tilburg – Berlin), Hadassah Emmerich (Berlin – NL), Daniel Göttin (Basel – NL – DE/Berlin), Jasper van der Graaf (Apeldoorn – Berlin), Ab van Hanegem (Berlin – Amsterdam), John Hodany (Berlin – NY – Amsterdam), Jeroen Jacobs (Berlin – NL), Maarten Janssen (Berlin- Rotterdam), Ditty Ketting (Rotterdam – Berlin), Jan Robert Leegte (Amsterdam – AT), Jan van der Ploeg (Amsterdam – DE/Berlin), Fiene Scharp (Berlin – NL), Martijn Schuppers (Groningen – DE/Düsseldorf), Tonneke Sengers (Haarlem – DE), Bernd Trasberger (Berlin – Amsterdam)

April 20th to May 12th 2013

Exhibitions 2012


Betsey Garand

Shoe Fetish

Curated by Howard McCalebb

Artists: Dien Aye, Karin Häll, Petra Koch, Sandra Eula Lee, Paula Ross, Bignia Wehrli, Bignia Wehrli and Anna Forlati

October 20th to November 11th 2012

Silent Pictures

Youn Hee Yang

September 1st to September 30th 2012


Yoonjee Geem

September 15th to September 30th 2012

Exhibitions 2011

After the Death of Painting

The artists: Yasmin Alt, Martina Baist, Chandra Brooks, Sam Icklow, Christian de Lutz, Lola Goller & Lilli Kuschel, Lisa Larsson, Damian Loboda, Sara Pfrommer, Johanness Ribarits, Sadie Weis, Markus Wirthmann and Matej Zet

Performances by:
Liz Rosenfeld, and Twilight Claps & Thunder

DAMTP Berlin (Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique)

Redas Dirzys, Karen Karnak, Andrius Savickas, Martin Zet

Along the exhibition at Dada Post with live impromptu performances such as footballing in the courtyard and shamanic spam E-Mail reading rites during the Vernissage, a “three-sided-football” was organized in a historically charged location: a former Tempelhof Airport Field on Sunday, the 16.10.2011.

October 15th to November 13th, 2011.

Dada Post is pleased to present four new exhibitions featuring Aisling O’ Beirn of Belfast, Anders Hellsten Nissen of Denmark and Berlin, video installations by the Berlin based artist Dorotea Doreen Etzler, and a sculpture exhibition titled “Outdoor: Udk -Klasse Konrad and Friends” curated by Karsten Konrad:

Quantum Questions for Dummies

Aisling O’Beirn, curated by Marcel Hager


Anders Hellsten Nissen

nature cut – Alles für die Reise

Dorotea Doreen Etzler, curated by allgirls



Curated by Karsten Konrad

Artists: Udk -Klasse Konrad and Friends

Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Opening: Saturday, July 30th 2011 – 7:00 PM

July 30th to August 21st 2011

“Justice & Other Cruelties”

Michaela Strumberger

Opening June 10th 2011 7:00 PM
June 11th to July 3rd 2011

In her exhibition “Justice & Other Cruelties” Michaela Strumberger creates a poetic cosmos – a large-scale aerial installation of sculptures, objects and paintings. The artist targets power structures as a central theme, asking for the good and the evil while engaged with the search for the absent.

This exhibition is organized by the Reinickendorf Cultural Office, as part of their series of solo exhibitions of young artists in Berlin, within the “Salon K – 2011 art and culture festival in Reinickendorf East, and in cooperation with the Kolonie Wedding organization.

Michaela Strumberger, born in Graz, Austria, studied at the Art Students League of New York and the New York Academy of Art, before she received a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University in the USA.


Sadie Weis


9/11 – Tenth Anniversary Gathering

Curated by Gregory Hilton

Artists: John Bowman, Lance Cain, Gregory Hilton, Jean Holabird, Ann Shostrom, Mark Sweeney, Charles Yoder

May 14th – June 5th, 2011

Youth Cult 2011:

Geld oder Leben?

Curated by Prof. Norbert Hinterberger

Artists: Max F. Albrecht, Franziska Becher, Patricia de Paula Silva, Cosima Göpfert, Sibylle Grundeis, Marlet Heckhoff, Julia Herfurth, Georg Hilburger, Mara-Lea Hohn, Daniel Koch, Peter Krug, Sira Sandberg, Martin Schade,
Susanne Stäudel, ThorRon (Thoralf Müller & Ronny Korn), Philipp Valenta, Johanna Warm, Dioberma Diaz Ramirez Zerimar

March 19th – April 24th

Opening March 19th 2011 19:00

Workshop from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/Fakultät Gestaltung/Freie Kunst, in Weimar, initiated by Professor Norbert Hinterberger, and his assistant Naomi T. Salmon.

Children of Paradise

Curated by Howard McCalebb

The Artists: Hugo Bastidas, Dineke Blom, Gregory Coates, Edward Clark, Asha De Costa, Julie Durkin, Nickolas Krushenick, Elizabeth Newman Kuiper, Kazuko Miyamoto, Alan Uglow

Dada Post proudly presents our first exhibition of the 2011 season titled: Children of Paradise. This is a multigenerational exhibition presented under the banner of our yearlong Geopraxis program, and features ten highly diverse artists – who do not live or work in Berlin, although all (except one) lived or currently lives in New York.

February 19th – March 12th, 2011
Viewed by Appointment

Exhibitions 2010

DADA POST at Scope Miami

SCOPE Miami Art Show
Nov30–Dec5 2010
International Contemporary Art

Booth A10

Exhibiting Artists: Anders Hellsten Nissen, Sandra Eula Lee, Sebastian Mejia, Youn Hee Yang, Howard McCalebb, Sadie Weis

The SCOPE Miami Pavilion
The Miami Midtown Arts District
Midtown Boulevard (NE 1st Avenue)
between NE 30th & 31st St

Dada Post is proud to present three exciting exhibitions:

OCTOBER 16th to NOVEMBER 14th 2010


Screaming Lobsters and Other Important Stories

Mari Rantanen and Leena-Maaretta Dixon

Stockholm based painter Mari Rantanen is presenting an exhibition titled: Screaming Lobsters and Other Important Stories, which will also include a wall text by Leena-Maaretta Dixon, a surrealistic poem-thriller which tells the story that the painting installation is partly based on. The installation deals with shared memory as Rantanen is visualizing a view parallel to that of Miss. Dixon’s poem, positioning the seemingly disparate art forms as comparable.
The painting installation is making memory visible while greeting a space in the gallery that holds the emotions as well as the visualized thoughts.
Formally Rantanen’s installation of paintings is comprised of a large wall painting and an installation of smaller paintings, arranged through out the gallery space, that build a narrative of their own through their abstract visual language.


Guillaume Cailleau

Media artist Guillaume Cailleau will exhibit three site-specific film loop installations that utilize various types of projection and film viewing devices. Two Installations will be installed in our underground WW-II bunker, and a third will be installed in the freezer (video installation space).

The subject of Cailleau’s pieces is time and the flows of water, and the circles and spirals, and the slow and fast movement of bodies of water. “Just as the river where I step is not the same, and is, so I am as I am not” (Heraclitus)

Sculptors: Three Generations

Artists: Johannes Denda, Julius Dörner, David Evison, Karsten Konrad

Sculptors: Three Generations is an exhibition of four sculptors affiliated with the Unversität der Künste Berlin.

David Evison, the English sculptor has been Professor for sculpture at the Unversität der Künste Berlin since 1982. Karsten Konrad is among his former students who has made a name for himself through out Germany and internationally, and is now in the forefront of the Berlin sculpture scene.

Evison saw his role in Berlin as being one of teaching and furthering the sculpture scene here, by paying attention to the succeeding generations. Julius Dörner is the last of his students as he is prepared to retire on September 31st. Konrad will now take over Evison’s class as Gastprofessor at the UdK. Johannes Denda is Konrad‘s student.

This exhibition comes at an opportune time for Evison, as it marks his departure from teaching. Additionally, he is organizing a large exhibition of his ex-students who are among those who are actively making sculpture today. This will be at UdK Berlin from October 31 to January 7, 2011. At the same time he will have a solo exhibition his new work at the Galerie Wedding, titled ‘Evisonstatues’ from October 29 to January 6, 2011.

Salmon Run: A Sculpture Installation

Doug Rathbun

The Fish Returns to the former Köinig Fish Smoking Factory

September 26th to October 16th 2010

OPENING: September 26th 2010 7:00 PM

Dada Post welcomes Salmon Run, a sculpture installation by Artist in Residence:
Doug Rathbun from Paradise, California.

Dada Post is located in the former König Smoked Fish Factory (a more than one hundred year old business) in Berlin-Reinickendorf, which has been given a second life as an exhibition, performance, and studio spaces for artists.
In conceptualizing the redesign of the complex, both its history as a former smoked fish factory and the new demands of contemporary art were taken into consideration. The facility is easily recognized by its large smokestacks, which have been retained as a reference to the original commercial use of the site.
Rathbun’s sculptures embrace a similar respect for the past experiences of both places and things. In his use of found materials the artist creates something new from something old. The spirit of the former life in things triggers his imagination and allows him to see things with new possibilities.
On the surface, Rathbun’s fish sculpture installation exhibited at what used to be a smoked fish factory is easy to appreciate. The Salmon, which have returned to where they once came to market, are illuminated from within through perforated steel and copper skins. The internal light of Doug Rathbun’s school of metal fish pays homage to the life force of living creatures.


Curated by Sibylle Hofter

Artists: Valentina Curandi – Sibylle Hofter – Nathaniel Katz

A Site Specific Collaborative Project

Exhibition Extended to October 10th, 2010

Hinterland is a site specific-complex of works that reflects upon local production in relation to the forms of globalization imagined by past generations. The former König Smoked Fish Factory, is represented by a recreation of Mr. Erich König’s upstairs conference room, which is relocated to a factory area downstairs that have been recreated as an art gallery. “Hinterland” can be both the silence behind the front and an economic base for warfare (originally it is a military term). Presently, our location in the Berlin-Reinickendorf district is mistaken for a variant of the silence in a hinterland, much like the former socialist version of Brandenburg. In the artificial economies of the Cold War, the East Berlin factories represented economical hinterlands, by creating a socialist version of an egalitarian utopia. While in West Berlin, the economy was propped-up by West-German government, and the West in general. Within a special kind of West Berlin melancholy, fish smoking was a strong local tradition – of bourgeois utopia.
Howard McCalebb

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August 28th to September 26th 2010

FINISSAGE 10. OCTOBER 2010 19:00 Uhr

Gracja Birmes

Sculpture Installation

Bruce Spear


July 3rd to August 1st 2010


Artists: Caroline Armand, Cécile Belmont, Cécile Dupaquier, Gab Heller

May 15th – June 13th, 2010

Youth Cult – 2010

Curated by Howard McCalebb

March 20th to April 18th 2010
Jour Fix – Every Thursday 5:00 – open end

Artists: Yasmin Alt, Jesper Carlsen, Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti, Johannah Herr, Martin Höfer, Sören Hüttel, Aukje Koks, Hein-Godehart Petschulat and Sebastian Helms, Sara Pfrommer, Martin Plüddemann, Steffi Stangl, Sadie Weis, Youn Hee Yang, Wu Zhi

The Goddess Project

Jean-Ulrick Désert


Paula Ross

February 6th – February 28th

Exhibitions 2009


Julia Muenstermann

A recurring theme in the paintings of the German artist Julia Münstermann is the city at night. Based on photos that Münstermann has taken of specific urban locations around the world, the paintings speak of the anonymous, appearance of the supermodern metropolis that never sleeps.


Scott Weiner

The Chicago born artist Scott Weiner employs a varied painterly treatment in his expressive paintings that isolate and distort elements of the human body, separating them from their original meaning, often placing them in unanticipated settings.

December 5th – December 24th


Curated by Lou Savoir

Sebastian Denz

(3D photographs)
Sebastian Denz will be exhibiting large sized 3D portraits taken on his custom made 8 x 10 inch large-format-stereo-camera, designed by custom camera specialist Dr. Kurt Gilde. His subjects are the stars of the European skateboarding world, taken over a period of three years while traveling throughout Europe with members of the Carhartt skateboard team. The work deals simultaneously with the growing presence and evolution of virtual spaces, space in a phenomenological sense, and human beings (skaters) who create their own construction of reality within these spaces.

October 24th – November 22nd.

Influxus Influxus

Curated by Howard McCalebb

Artists: Monika Brandmeier, Redas Dirzys, Gregory Coates, Tom Holmes, Chantal Labinski, Sandra Eula Lee, Piotr Lutynski, Anders Helsten Nissen, Aisling O’Beirn, Roland Stratmann, Martin Zet

September 5th to October 10th

And Special Project:

Wandering Buoy

Urban Art: A.Peschken/M.Pisarsky

The Wandering Buoy is a mobile sculpture for collecting and telling stories connected to the Berlin Wall. It will be touring Berlin-Reinickendorf August 29th to September 12th. Please, bring your personal Berlin Wall story along.

September 5th – 20:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr

System Relevance or This is no Rehearsal

Artist Collective Art Coyote:

Joss Bachhofer (D), Nora Fuchs (D), Michael Markham (CDN), Howard McCalebb (USA), Marcela Salas (CO), Kurt Sickert (D), Ovis Wende (D)

May 3 – May 23 2009


John Bowman


Ann Shostrom

John Bowman is a New York artist who has exhibited at galleries through out the world, as well as in prestigious venues including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Queens Museum, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and other museums through out the United States and Europe. He is currently represented by the Winston Wachter Gallery in New York City, and is an Associate Professor of Art at the Pennsylvania State University.

The current exhibition of drawings at Dada Post, Smithereens, depicts the machinery and structures of modern progress shredded by partisan conflict and ancient passions. These drawings create an anarchic aesthetic, a zone of generative destruction, and indicate the hope for a future beyond contemporary polarities, suggesting the exploration of alternative sacred geometries.

Ann Shostrom’s current exhibition titled Insurgency is a group of sewn and dyed fabric pieces that combine the use of camouflage material along with household linens.

Shostrom is an artist and curator who has shown internationally at galleries and museums through out the United States and Europe. Her solo shows include Stephanie Theodore Gallery, New York, NY, Lindhart Foundation, Prague, CZ, Art Now, Goteborg, Sweden, and Rule Gallery, Denver, Colorado. She is currently in “By a Thread” at Elizabeth Harris Gallery and “Revolutionary Women” at Pavel Zoubok in New York. Her sewn and dyed constructions combine formalist abstraction, social content, and handmade craft.

In Insurgency, Shostrom uses camouflage material along with household linens that are dyed, bleached, printed, painted, embroidered, and sewn together. Her open-ended processes also employs wax resist methods, which include the melting by blowtorch, of slowly burning votive candles. These techniques combine to produce natural landscape forms that are echoed in the camouflage.

June 20th to July 4th – Opening: June 20th

Orthodox Eros

Curated by Lou Savoir

Lea Golda Holterman

June 20th to July 31st

Piotr Lutynski’s
Polish Art Bus – KR 736 EJ
On Tour Total Muzykal & Wizual Show

Curated by Marcel Hager

“I think that there is no art so high that it cannot belong in a hen house. There are no wrong places, only wrong patterns and habits of man.”
Lutynski (from an interview with curator Joanna Zielinska)

Polish Bus – KR 736EJ

A group of artists from Krakow tours with their so-called ‘Losers’ bus’ all over Europe. The bus itself is a work of art. On the outside she is adorned with graffiti.
The interior is a unique installation. The bus is pale blue.

July 10th to July 31st
Opening & Performance: July 10th – 19 uhr

Youth Cult 2009

Curated by Howard McCalebb

Tania Bedrinana, Maria Bajt, Markus Gutmann, Björn Hegardt, Michael Markwick, Sebastian Mejia, Elisabeth Rosenthal, Felix Schneeweiß, Christina Tivemark, Margaret Willington, Artist Collective FMSW

21.März – 25.April 2009